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Social Media Monitoring

Do you know who is talking about your company online? Maria Ogneva, Director of Social Media at Attensity, offers these nine tips for successful social media monitoring:
1. Define an objective. Having an end goal in mind will help you target your resources.
2. Decide where to monitor. Where you “hang out” digitally should be driven by where your constituency spends their time.
3. Decide what to monitor. At the very least, track your company/product name, industry keywords and any recent campaigns.
4. Prioritize. Triage all the messages that come across your field of vision and focus on what is most important.
5. Develop a plan. Think about how you will react to a number of possible scenarios (including crises).
6. Involve others. Know the right people in the organization to help you answer a query.
7. Listen first. Before you open your digital mouth, listen and observe the culture of the community to know what feels right before joining the conversation.
8. Build relationships. Identify important spheres of influence and form relationships with the thought-leaders around you.
9. Select tools that match your strategy. Your checklist of what you need in a tool is going to be largely driven by your purpose defined in Step #1.