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One to one marketing

One to one marketing, also referred to as personalized marketing, involves creating a unique marketing piece for each of your prospects or customers. It involves use of their personal data, such as name, address, or last purchased item printed directly onto the brochure, direct mail postcard, flyer, or whatever medium is used. At Sir Speedy, we can help you with one to one marketing using Personal Marketing +, our integrated direct marketing program that delivers the strength of direct mail combined with variable printing technology, merged with the Internet and email to give you a powerful new way to reach your targeted audience. One to one marketing campaigns with Personal Marketing +:

  • Generally deliver higher response rates
  • Capture marketing intelligence data
  • Allow you to see responses in real-time
  • Provide measurable results

From start to finish, we can manage your mailing list and database, purchase URLs and apply personalized URLs, print personalized marketing materials, mail at discounted postal rates, send follow-up emails, fulfill responses and provide campaign analytics to help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and success of your programs! One to one marketing is direct marketing to the max! One to one marketing tools by Sir Speedy, help you

  • Convert prospects to customers faster by speeding up the sales process
  • Gather data that can be used to improve the effectiveness of future marketing programs
  • Use web page surveys to learn more about your prospect/customer needs
  • Achieve a higher ROI on your marketing campaigns

Interested in minimizing your cost per lead and achieving quantifiable results on your next marketing program? Call Sir Speedy.